Getting Started…

Hello everyone! 😀 I am here, starting a blog for the first time. I’m excited even though I’m not sure how many people will actually end up reading this.

Currently, my goals and purposes for this blog are very simple: the primary goal is to discuss my RPG Maker VX Ace project. I don’t actually have a name for the game, yet, however. I’m horrible with naming things. But, I’ve been looking up scripts and taking time and care to put in only the best for my characters and set. Though, I should mention I have no artistic talent, so most of the art in the game will probably just be the RTP, along with a couple or so custom images and some various free resources I’ve found online. I do, however, have some artistic friends who may or may not help me out with some things~

My secondary purpose is to discuss the various roleplays I’m a part of on Random Roleplay, a website where I’m a member of the administartion. If you’re up to role playing and are a generally nice person, please come by and check us out!

My posts on this blog will almost always be about either my video game project, or one of the role plays I’m a part of. I’ll probably post occasionally to talk about my day or about a really good video I’ve recently discovered, and of course there’s always the chance I decide to post about a particular script I found that’s really REALLY useful for my project. My second post will provide more information about my game and a couple characters, credit for the scripters who I know I’ll be using scripts from, and some information on the mass crossover role play I just posted today (Sign ups still open~) just for fun. So expect a big post!

For now, though, gonna keep this starting post short. So, goodnight~


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