Late Start

So yeah, it took me this long to make a second post. But lets be honest? Being addicted to an anime has some serious drawbacks like that. 😛

Recently finished Higurashi for the first time. Had decided to watch it before I delve into the Umineko VN. But before I could get into the VN, now I’m getting into a totally irrelevant anime (Because my friend got me to), Kuroko no Basket.

I didn’t expect to enjoy a sports anime, but somehow I’m not only enjoying it, I’m getting really really into it. 😀 It’s a great anime and I highly recommend it to everyone. I’m on episode 14 and just can’t get enough of it.

But none of that tells you what I’ve been doing with my game, does it? Well~! I had, at one point, put out a small twenty-ish minute demo that showcased what I had done with the battle system using Yanfly’s scripts, and giving a slight idea of how the puzzle system would work. However, the characters I had in that are no longer the main characters, but instead the secondary characters that join up with you after you’ve established your initial three characters.


Now, the actual reason I’ve not updated my blog even though I started it a while ago is not only because I’ve been watching anime, but also because, as far as the game goes, I’ve not made much progress in the way of plot. This is because I decided I wanted to translate Celianna’s and Lunarea’s steampunk images into tilesets (Kudos to them for making MORE STUFF THAN THE FIVE TILESET SLOTS CAN HANDLE). And I happen to almost be done. I’ve hit many snags of many shapes and sizes, but I’ve got the entire outside stuff done as best as can be possible for a art-talent-lacking-fool such as myself, and the inside is going to be done very soon. I’m very excited to make my game in the Steampunk style~! Even though most of my characters will still use magic (A fact that will be partial to the theme of the story as well. I hope you all enjoy~ ;D)

As far as the actual plot goes, well, like I said I haven’t made a whole lot of progress. I’ve got some big events planned, both early and late, some very basic idea how to start the game out, and the entire early cast of characters (And some later characters) completely figured out (Personality-wise). And while the world and theme of the plot are decided, there are no hard details. So I think it’s best for me not to say much.

With that wall of text, I do believe I’m done for today. My next post will probably talk more about the RP’s I’m in than anything, (And probably be sooner to this one than this one was to the last one)


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